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Laci Dane was born and raised in Montana, where the abundant natural beauty was a major influence in her decision to study art. She attended Montana State University and majored in oil painting. After moving to northern California, she began to develop her unique style, characterized by her deep love of color alchemy. To explore the relationship between color and depth, she incorporates raw materials and experiments with new surfaces. She enjoys the challenge of creating a series of paintings that follow a common theme, and then switching to a new and completely different point of focus.


Experiencing the process with people enriches the bigger picture. Laci Dane’s young daughter is her most important critic—her high praise, when earned, is worth its weight in gold. The artist also enjoys sharing her skill set through live painting, mural work, teaching, and mentoring young artists. Her vision is built around the idea that art is the glue for a healthy community, and she works to integrate creative beauty with community structures and events. Being moved herself, and the possibility of moving others, is the motivation behind her work, as well as the reward.

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